Thursday, 25 February 2016

Zayn Malik Lyrics - Pillow Talk

Hi, I hope you can indulge me today, or at any time that you are reading this, as I would like to transcribe the lyrics to Pillow Talk - yet another musical masterpiece by renowned musician Zayn Malik. Zayn has written many classic hits such as Pillow Talk and presumedly others of different names. My wife has just informed me that he is also One Direction - a quick search of the wide world web (the 'internet' for short) shows that he was most likely the North West one, with his musical abilities a result of the cross-breeding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (that girl can sing, y'all!). Though my favourite song of his is InZayn In The Membrane, the Zayn Malik (nee North West) song that I would like to transcribe for you today (of which you can read at your own leisure - or download the audiobook and listen, as read by Donald Trump) is a little ditty of his called Pillow Talk. Enjoy.

Song: Pillow Talk
Performed by Zayn Malik
Written by Zayn Malik, Levi Lennox (Annie's son. Or daughter?), Anthony Hannides, Michael Hannides (no relation)
Transcribed and interpreted by Ronnie Peace

Cly mon bow (possibly scatting or on drugs; 'mon' is definitely short for 'man' in Jamaican)
Wee'll go slow and hard to po (urinating slowly, constipated; po slang for poo, shit, etc)
Light indoor (most modern houses have this feature via 'light bulbs')
Hold me hard in Milo (Kinky; Milo is a a popular Australian energy drink that boasts 'Activ-Go' - Zayn may think it may help with his constipation)

I'm 'c'ing the Payne seeing the pleasure (c'ing is short for the c'word; rude word - he's cussing at ex- 1D member Liam J Payne)
No buddy, butt chew 
body-butt me
Body-butt, arse (Zayn is definitely an arse man when it comes to the ladies, obviously)
bodies together
I love to hold you close, tonight and always
I love to wake up next to you (to be honest I couldn't understand these two lyrics so I just made some shit up; I hope you liked it)
I love to hold you close, tonight and always
I love to wake up next to you (as above, I just repeated it again here)

So we'll piss off to Neighbours (Neighbours is an Australian Soap Opera with untrained actors that we export to England as it's terrible)
In the place that fills ya tears
The place to lose your fears
Yeah, Ricky-less behaviour (refer Ricky Sharpe, as she's on Home & Away, not Neighbours)

A place that is so plus so dirty and rarrr (a noise a lion makes)
In da betta day, 
bet all day, (gambling problem)
bed or day 
Fuck Kim (J)ung, (Kim Jung Un - Zayn making a political statement here)
Find his dong (inferring he has no penis; ridicule)
It's a Parra dice and it's Awah sewn (Parra is short for Parramatta Eels; a Rugby League team. The dice was sewn together by a man named Awah)
It's a Parra dice and its Zawar's own (Awah gave it to his good mate Zawar)

Pillow toe (Zayn's foot has fallen asleep)
My enemy ( always happens to him at the worst possible times; his foot falling asleep, or pillow toe, is his achilles heel)
My hell, agh (it really annoys him)
Prisoners (his feet are in shackles when they go to sleep on him; reference to Australians - England's convicts)
Then we're free (ah, relief, his foot has woken up)
Is it fin (finished) la ("a note to follow so"; see The Sound Of Music)
I'm c'ing the pain, c'ing the pleasure (swearing at that relief you get when you get feeling in your foot, but it comes with that stabbing pain)

....(it goes on, and on, but I started googling those images of Kanye West falling asleep and they're pretty fucking funny so I'm a gonna keep looking at them now).
Peace'O'Mind Ronnie Peace
Picture: The new CD cover for Zayn Malik's debut album


  1. I haven't heard Zayn Malik's song so I have to go find it now. Especially since I have the lyrics! ;)

    1. My apologies, I should have warned you - the song sounds a lot better without listening to it.

  2. Who is Zayn Malik? That's how old I am. Or ignorant. I loved the constipation and toe interpretations :)

    1. Very good, Pinky. That IS the question, afterall, isn't it. Who IS Zayn Malik?
      'Why' is my question.

  3. A great post....and much respect for direspectin' Zayn and Wand Erection.

    For more pisstaking, check out this shredding video I found on YouTube a while's worth 4 minutes of your life, I promise!

    1. Crazy kids.
      Nice. I like it.
      ...just to check, that isn't really them singing, is it...?


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