Friday, 12 February 2016

Another Valentine's Day Special #2: Material Love

Material Love
Lyrics by Ronnie Peace

Verse 1:
Hello Mr Moth
Outside of my window.
Planning a break-in
to chew on my chinos.

Eats my clothes; doesn't suck
He's no mosquito.
Addiction is deep
to things with a bright glow.

Flap your dusty wings 
to the light of a 
material love,
ma-terial love.

In love with the fabric
of my agalia.
It's a material love
that's sure to ail ya.

It's got me thinkin'
back when the cavemen danced.
What were they eatin'
when we didn't wear pants.

Flap your dusty wings 
to the light of a 
material love,
ma-terial love.

Rap (in style of Kanye West, or better):
what, what
I be gettin down like a moth
flappin and a flippin
your clothing i be eatin'
the chewin' 
of the gaberdine 
is what i'm doin'
that's how i'm dinin'
that's how i'm flyin'
as the watchers they be moth-ing
they be moth-ing
they be moth-ing

Ronnie Peace funny cartoon
Cartoon: Though it takes a steady hand, hanging mothballs in your wardrobe
is an effective warning to other male moths thinking about chewing your
clothes (hint: be sure to remove the balls from the moth beforehand).


[note: We hope you enjoyed our latest Valentine's Day Peace de resistance which keeps the 'winged love' theme centred on the 'ugly duckling' of butterflies - the moth. For the few that missed 2015's equally romantic Valentine's Day poetry it'll set your heart a flutter - click here for a good time.
Happy Valentine's Day to all ye loved up schmucks from all of us monkeys locked away down here at the Peace'O'Mind factory.]


  1. Wannabe butterflies!! Brilliant work. People should use the word gabadine more..

    1. I wrote this around that one word. It evolved from there. You might say it was the fabric that wove this poetic masterpiece together, but you'd just sound lame, so I probably wouldn't. But I appreciate the thought.

  2. Look. I tried to song this along to Material Girl by Madonna but it didn't work. I think you must be on drugs or something...

    1. Coincidentally, the Material Girl is a moth dressed up in butterflies clothing


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