Monday, 30 March 2015

The Idea That Birthed Gogglebox on The People's Couch - Part 2 The Dialogue

(continued from Part 1)

And now, for your square-eyes only, here is the exclusive and mind-numbing dialogue that brought forth the beauty that is the idea of Gogglebox*...
(* or, The People's Couch for American and Canadian viewers)

Friday, 27 March 2015

Is watching Gogglebox from The People's Couch a Good Idea? - Part 1 The Rant

No. And here's how...

A wise man once said that watching TV will make your eyes go square. Every father has at least at one time said that masturbating will make you go blind. 

Well, watching the loosely termed television show Gogglebox* falls somewhere inbetwixed.
(* In America & Canada, hot shot TV execs renamed this show The People's Couch so that it would seem like the show was their own idea and so their bosses would not be able to google it to see if if they had copied the idea or not.)

Though, the entertainment value of the former and the latter far surmounts that of Gogglebox. Or does it?!?

Friday, 6 March 2015

Bossy boots

As detailed in the brilliant documentary "Horrible Bosses" every single human has a natural tendency to want to put their bosses out of their misery. Or, at the very least, to cause harm or pain to.

Reginald was no exception to this rule.

Of course, he could never act on these God-given urges. Or could he?