Friday, 27 March 2015

Is watching Gogglebox from The People's Couch a Good Idea? - Part 1 The Rant

No. And here's how...

A wise man once said that watching TV will make your eyes go square. Every father has at least at one time said that masturbating will make you go blind. 

Well, watching the loosely termed television show Gogglebox* falls somewhere inbetwixed.
(* In America & Canada, hot shot TV execs renamed this show The People's Couch so that it would seem like the show was their own idea and so their bosses would not be able to google it to see if if they had copied the idea or not.)

Though, the entertainment value of the former and the latter far surmounts that of Gogglebox. Or does it?!?

Yes, it does.
Cartoon: Depiction of first recorded time of the infamous
"you'll go blind" Father-to-Son call. Assumedly,
Dinosaurs and Aborigines hadn't made note of it.
Television was first created as a "magical moving-pictures box" for olden day people to be able to escape the mundane realities of life. 

In a time where we would, as a family (obviously not the wife as she would have her apron on, cleaning and baking in the kitchen with a big smile across her rosy cheeks), crowd around the big 10 inch RCA 630TS TV after a hard days work and watch:
  • a family of in-bred hicks become rich when they strike oil and so they move to Hollywood in chitty-chitty-bang-bang; or 
  • a beautiful, blonde jeanie appears from an astronauts vase and he seems constantly agitated by her with no sexual tension at all (ridiculous!); or 
  • a wise-cracking talking horse with street smarts; or 
  • any show with one or more Lucys in it.
Great - albeit, stereotypical - times, indeed.

In now-a-days, the TV Gods look down at our civilisation shaking their heads (and square eyes) in disgust as we 'society' now impose a deformed reality through the TV so we can come home from a hard days work to escape reality with reality.

And I type 'reality' with the greatest sarcasm.

Gogglebox is one such teleblasphemy. No doubt we, as a society, will all go to hell for this. Even the atheists.

For those of us lucky enough not to know what Gogglebox is, I am jealous. Gogglebox is a TV show whereby us, the viewer, is forced to watch wannabe reality TV personalities (I refuse to say 'stars', and there is so much wrong with that sentence (besides the grammar and sentence structure)) watching TV, pretending to not know that the cameras are on them, making comments that they instantly believe are funny because they are on the TV.

But don't let my impartial comments dissuade you. You try and watch this garbage and make your own mind up.

Ever wonder how this amazing TV show was created? Ever wonder what the hell shit this crap is on your TV and how did it ever get there?

You are not alone, you filthy mouthed son-of-a-bitch!

Well, i gots the inside scoop on that never-before-heard (and, if you don't read the following out loud it will remain as such) phenomenon right here.

But that, my square-eyed friends, will be revealed next week HERE!. Click back there, at here, for part 2...


  1. I love this post - I hate even the concept of gogglebox. It makes me feel dirty just writing the 'word' (and I use the word 'word' loosely). Lazy TV. Give me a little more Twin Peaks, Gilligan's Island (with it's terrible stereotyping), West Wing and these days, The Mentalist. Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Thanks Fluffy. Word!
    And I agree with the TV shows you mentioned, though, to be fair, you could have mentioned any other TV show and it would still surmount Gogglebox. Allegedly

  3. Great post. I don't watch TV for starters and not really sure what Gogglebox is with no real plans to case it soon.

    1. Thanks Mystery Case.
      Similarly, the total amount of time researching and watching the show is the time it took from when the ad of the show coming on until the time it took for me to anxiously grab the TV remote and change the channel onto anything else before breathing a nervous sigh of relief.

  4. Never even heard of this before. Hubby and I only watch Amazon Prime and Netflix. We have eliminated all commercials. :)


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