Monday, 3 August 2015

To Celia: A Poempology

To Celia: A Poempology
By Ronnie Peace
(A poem of apology, of which I would also like to apologise for this here poetry)

I'm sorry Celia,
For incorrectly typing Cecilia
On the Twittersphere-ia
I did not mean to cause offence-t'ya
Of your umbrage, I feel-e-ya

You see, Celia
I feel even sillier
As your kinda a big deal-e-a
On the telly in 'stralia
Tops comic, ya really-are

My fat fingers I blamed
More accurately, the 'thumbs' they be named
And my haste, caused me shame
Though this may be quite lame
A peace offering be this poem's aim

With news of Cecil the Lion
In the media, of his dyin'
I may have also been combinin'
'Cecil' and 'Celia' without tryin'
I know you're Celia, I'm not lyin'!

You are the queen of the sillier
PEOPLE! If you haven't seen her
On 'HYBPA' there's none more laughier
Also brilliant on 'Utopia' 
(Season 2 commences 19 August)

I hope you can see
I put an extra 'Ce', see?
But not deliberately
You're THE Celia, see
Please, forgive me????


  1. I'm sure she probably gets Cecelia all the time and I'm sure she'll be touched by this poem Ronnie.


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