Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Supermoon beats Wind beats Cloud Cover beats Supermoon...

If you look up in the sky this (or that) Wednesday night, not only will you be amazed and stupefied at the 3 day old Super Moon, but you will also see the sky filled with shooting stars
(according to my secret source at; see story for more spectacular information here).

Preposterous! I don't claim to be an expert in Astronomy, but I am* an authority in the branch of Science that deals with celestial objects, space and the physical universe as a whole...
(*I am not)

...I also once studied the NSW town of Dapto as a hole.

Take it for certain that there is no way in hell, heaven or earth - or, more specifically, in the space between earth and space - that that space, commonly called 'sky', could be filled with shooting stars. Though, I did consult an expert in the field, Terry Nazon, world famous astrologist to the stars, who would have confirmed had he (or she, my research is poor. And lazy) talked to me, that there will be a high frequency of shooting stars in the night sky this Wednesday night.

If you are lucky enough to have a clear sky, you may be able to view such a spectacle. What other chance would you have of seeing such shooting stars as OJ Simpson, Phil Spector and Kurt Cobain all in the one spot. Just be careful.

Here in Scotts Head NSW, the apparent 'Super' Moon has been defeated by its Kryptonite, Cloud Cover. Despite its apparent super powers, Super Moon seemed no match for the cloud cover in the sky. If you had to compare this to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Super Moon would be beaten by Cloud, but Cloud would be beaten by Wind, and Wind would be beaten by Super Moon. 'Cos you can see Super Moon through the wind, obviously. Unless Wind combines forces with Cloud, and blows Cloud in front of Super Moon. But that would never happen; they are all enemies.

Super Moon's super powers appear to be 'being large' and 'brightness'. I would not buy a comic about Super Moon. I would wait for the movie, of course.

If I created a super hero (which I just did) I would call him Super Fluous-man. He would have more of everything than anyone, man.

I even had a failed career as a Superhero which is not worth mentioning, and yet I did.

For those that have the sky filled with cloud tonight (on the night of), or are too busy watching The Bachelor, I've taken a photo of the Super Moon in the night sky over Scotts Head.

Has anyone ever noticed how much the moon looks like a big white orange?
Photo: Super Moon in the night sky completely filled with 'white' shooting stars.


  1. Is full moon the often drunk brother of super moon? I imagine then that half moon is the dim younger brother

    1. Those are some good theories there, An Uncle. I look forward to reading your paper (recycled, presumably) on the subject.
      Possibly one of those moons you mention are the 'Clark Kent' to the Super Moon? And what of 'toenail' moon? Where do the martians live when toenail moon is in operation? It's a crazy world. Astronomical!

  2. I will never look at an orange the same again


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