Friday, 4 March 2016

Here's Ronnie! - Q&A

As my presence continues making waves across the land and o'er the web that is as wide as the world, I have been asked to do an interview (this one). I rarely give interviews - mainly as I am never asked (NSW Police being a regular exception) - however, on this particular occasion I was vulnerable and so relented to the wishes of the good people (or 'bots') at 'BlogCatalog' for a good ol' fashioned Q&A session over the Internet.

Why do you blog?
Great question (you've really done your homework here). I don't. I'm an artist. I make the world beautiful with my art. In fact, on many occasions I've been called a BS artist.
However, specifically, as to my website, I would answer (and do) by typing that I do this as I have a lot of important things to say. My beautiful wife disagrees. Many of the interesting things I have to say go unheard. Sometimes my wife pretends to listen, but on those occasions she’s just listening for the sound to stop so she can talk. A lot of things I find funny makes my wife think I’m immature. She’s immature. My wife suggested I write all these things on a blog. That way they can go unheard AND unread.
If you could, what would you rename 'blogging'?
Has blogging impacted your life? How?
It's shut me up at home. I've bought a factory and filled it with trained monkeys to help with the 'heavy lifting' part of my blogging. PETA and other organisations aren't impressed, but I find their protesting at our gates keeps the monkeys amused, which means I don't have to walk them as much. So it all works out.
Who is your favorite band right now?
I've never heard of that band?
Why are they your favorite?
They aren't.
What book are you reading now?
Smithereens, by Shaun Micallef, which is making typing this quite difficult.
What is your favorite book?
The Bible
What is it about this book that you really like? 
The pictures, mainly. And it is utterly hilarious.
What is your favorite movie of all time?
Flying High (or 'Aeroplane' as it is named in America, as Americans prefer a more direct title)
What is it about this movie that makes it your favorite?
The DVD cover is tidy and has a great blend of colours and words.
Who is your favorite author?
Lauren Leto
Why is he/she your favorite?
I didn't know the answer to your question above so I Googled it, and her name came up. Is it correct?
What are you most proud of?
I had a good poo the other day. Clean snap.
Share two things about you that no one knows :)?
1. I have a split personality disorder; 2. and so do I.
Disclaimer: As it turns out, this wasn't so much of an interview as it was a 'requirement to being a member of BlogCatalog'*, though I was still completely honoured to be asked. Despite the pleadings of my Editor not to publish this, I know better.
(*NOT an actual quote)


  1. Love your sense of humor. I'm guessing your wife doesn't most of the time.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    1. To be fair to my wife I'm very annoying and unrelenting

  2. Must have been a really awesome poo!

    1. Oh man. All time top5.
      Nothing but net - swoosh!

  3. I love the bible too. full of misinformation and supernatural stories.. bless you.


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